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Designer Consignments

Our Policies & Authenticity Agreement can be viewed below
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The Consigning Process:
  • Our 2018 Spring/Summer Consignment Season will begin on Thursday March 15th, 2018
  • Please call us or stop in if you have the following items to consign : Lululemon, Ugg or Hunter Boots, Handbags, Accessories, or High End Labels. These items are accepted year round at our discretion.
  • We accept consignments between 10:30AM - 4:00PM on MONDAY - THURSDAY ONLY. We reserve Friday and Saturday store hours for selling and will not be accommodating consignments outside of the above hours.
  • If you have a drop off of 30 pieces or more, please call ahead to set up an appointment at 203-955-1101.
  • If the Store is extremely busy you may be asked to use our Drop Off System.
  •  Click below and read our full Consignment Agreement before bringing in items.

Before The Drop Off:
  • Pet allergies are very prevalent today. If you have household pets, please be sure that your items are dry cleaned.
  • Bring your items folded by category in bags. Sort all the pants together, all the dresses together, etc.
  • All Shoes & Boots must be in NEW NEVER WORN CONDITION

Please note: We do use eBay & other online re-sale sites as additional sales outlets.  If your item sells on any of these sites the consignor is paid 40% of the selling price minus any associated fees.

Our Payout System:
  • Payment for items sold is made by check on a quarterly basis. We do not offer cash payouts.
  • Our checks are automatically sent out to any accounts with a balance of $30 or more.
  • A $6 operational charge is applied to all accounts each time a check is issued.
  • Balances that do not meet the $30 minimum can be used as store credit.
  • Checks will be generated on-
  1. March 15th for items sold between December 1st - February 28th
  2.  June 15th for items sold between March 1 - May 31st
  3. September 15th for items sold between June 1st - August 31st
  4. December 15th  for items sold between September 1st - November 30th
  • Your check will be mailed out on the 15th of those months.