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Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction



Nicole has been in the retail industry for over 15 years; 10 of those being in the consignment/resale business. The Label Exchange is Nicole's second successful resale business in CT. She stays up to date with what's on trend in both retail and more specifically resale. Walk through our doors and you are greeted with a sincere hello. Nicole treats her consignors and customers like family. 

If you have been in the store and witnessed her taking a consignment you have probably heard her giving out the names of other places where items can be sold, or if you have heard her work with a client on the floor you may have heard her say "No, that  may not be the best fit". This is because Nicole's goal is for our consignors to sell their items and for our shoppers to find pieces that they truly love. She believes honesty and integrity are at the base of this mission.

In addition, every time you come to The Label Exchange you are entering into a new and special shopping experience. Nicole is constantly updating the merchandising at TLE in order to showcase our consignors items in new and fresh ways. This really gives our consignors pieces every opportunity to be seen & sold!

Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


Executive Consignment Curator & Communications Assistant

Hilary is the mastermind behind TLE's social media. With her incredible eye for fashion and trends, she highlights our incredible consignments as they come in and gains the items maximum exposure online. 

In addition, as the TLE's Executive Consignment Curator, Hilary uses her expertise and knowledge in pricing to get our consignments priced accurately to sell. Using revolving extensive research on brands, sales, current retail values & resale markets, Hilary keeps up to date on each piece that walks thru our doors. 

Whether consigning or shopping, Hilary provides professional no nonsense customer service so that it is a win-win for our customers and the consignors.

Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


Executive Client Liaison & Senior Personal Shopper

Lisa plays an integral role on TLE team. Her kindness, compassion, and humor allows her to easily form strong relationship with our customers and consignors.

As TLE's Senior Personal Shopper, Lisa has an excellent daily knowledge of our current inventory. She is able to pull select pieces based on what our clients are looking for. She will outfit you from head to toe! 

In addition, and the Executive Client Liaison for TLE, Lisa a keeps meticulous notes about what our wish list clients are looking for. From a Louis Vuitton Never Full Handbag, to a J. Crew T-Shirt, Lisa will call you when your exact match comes in. She also works to pair consignors items to customers which is a win for everyone. 

Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


HR Manager 

Vinny is TLE's #1 Boy! He greets our clients and consignors with LOVE and is always eager to play! 
He enjoys snuggles and can't wait to meet you!