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Resale Rewards is an exclusive and unique Customer Loyalty Program that provides you a quick and easy way to earn additional savings at your favorite participating Resale Rewards locations.  

Every time you spend $200, you will receive a $10 reward coupon that is sent directly to your Mobile Smartphone through the FREE Resale Rewards App!  

It’s easy to join! Simply provide your Mobile Phone Number at check out when making your 1st purchase and receive a link to download the FREE Resale Rewards App. Don’t worry, your 1st purchase counts toward your $200!  

If you do not have a Smartphone, you can provide a phone number to the associate when making your 1st purchase, so your purchases can be accumulated. Merchants can check at the time of purchase if you have any coupons to be redeemed. 

Make sure you give the cashier your phone number each time when making a purchase so you can get your rewards faster! Reward coupons are automatically tracked through the Point of Sale and sent directly to your smartphone!    

Want to know how close you are to your next coupon? The Resale Rewards App will show you! 

Resale Rewards are only valid for 60 days. Use your available coupons today or use them on your next purchase! *Reward Coupons and ‘coupon codes’ are found within the App and must be presented to the cashier for redemption. **Expiration dates are located on the Reward Coupons.  

With Resale Rewards, you can earn a maximum of 10 reward coupons ($100) on a single purchase ($2000). However, when redeeming your rewards, you can use multiple coupons as long as they are valid (not expired) and the purchased merchandise is of equal value or more to the value of the presented coupons. *No refunds given on partially used coupons.  

Use the FIND feature to locate participating Resale Rewards locations in your area or anywhere across the USA you might be visiting. 
View important store information such as Address, Phone Number, Store Hours, Directions and a quick access link to a stores’ Website or Facebook page.  

Simply tap on the ‘Heart’ icon when viewing a store and make them one of your FAVORITES and receive special notifications about additional offers, savings or events exclusive to Resale Rewards customers!   

Join now and start earning your Resale Rewards today!  

How to use the Resale Rewards APP

1. On your 1st purchase, you will receive an Acceptance Text. Click YES to accept. 
2. Next, click on the text link invitation to download the FREE Resale Rewards App. 
3. Click INSTALL 
4. Once the App has downloaded, click OPEN to go to the Resale Rewards App 
5. Go to the MENU and click on the PROFILE section. 
6. Verify your Phone #  and Click LOG IN/REGISTER 
7. You will receive a Text Message with your VERIFICATION CODE
8. ENTER your VERIFICATION CODE and Click continue/YES to Verify Me 
9. Create your PASSWORD and Verify your PASSWORD and click ‘ok’ or ‘continue’ 
10. Enter your Profile information – Click SAVE 
11. Go back to the Menu Bars/drop down in the top left corner, Click on FIND 
12. You should see a Person Icon where you are currently standing.
13. Find the store you are shopping in and then click the Heart Icon to ‘Favorite’ that store. 
14. To find other Resale Rewards stores, go to the FIND screen and tap the ‘Search this Area’ bar 
15. You can find Resale Rewards stores Nationwide!.. just click ‘Search this Area’ 
16. ‘Favorite’ as many stores as you want! 
17. Check in the REWARDS area for Coupons you have earned! 
18. Click on your earned reward to obtain your Coupon Code.